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All disasters occur at the local level and involve all components of the community, including the private sector, in a significant way. A “whole community” approach is required for effective disaster prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. As principal owner/operator of community critical infrastructure and the provider of goods and services that are relied upon during times of disaster, the private sector is a critical component of planning and response. Therefore, planning that engages and includes the whole community serves as the focal point for building a collaborative and a more resilient environment.

The New England-Community Incident Preparedness Alliance (NE-CIPA) will address the specific needs of the New England region—for all community incidents, including natural disasters, crimes, and other catastrophic events—for purposes of identifying and securing regional solutions, while engaging both the private sector and the Emergency Services Sector (ESS) in the process. Acting as a cohesive group with clearly articulated goals that will be further developed with input from all the stakeholders, the NE-CIPA will provide the New England region an avenue to build upon the concept of whole community preparedness as articulated in PPD-8 and other national preparedness guidelines.

NE-CIPA Advisory Board Announced. Click here for a listing of the new board members.
NE-CIPA represents the RCCC at DHS’ Joint Critical Infrastructure Partnership Workshop in Berlin, CT (see slides 13-16) on May 31st.
The NE-CIPA has been accepted as a member of DHS’s Regional Consortium Coordinating Council, a nation-wide consortium of 23 members that works to connect and enable partnerships for critical infrastructure protection and resilient communities.  Visit the RCCC web site for details.
The NE-CIPA and the Northeast Disaster Recovery Information X-Change (NEDRIX) have signed an MOU to partner on joint projects and prospects to bring the New England private sector and ESS more expansive and cohesive services for preparedness, response, and recovery activities.
NE-CIPA Board of Advisors to be announced soon!  The first Board meeting will be held April 3, 2012.
NE-CIPA invited to present at NESEC Board Meeting, Nov. 17th in Burlington, VT. Click here for the presentation.
Membership enrollment is now OPEN! Select the "Membership" tab above for more details!
The NE-CIPA's kick-off workshop on Infrastructure Protection, co-hosted with DHS on September 13, 2011, was a huge success.  See the "Events" tab above for proceedings and more information.
Press Room
Click here for 2011 Press Room Archives.
Mission of the NE-CIPA

The NE-CIPA will cultivate sustainable public-private partnerships by fostering collaboration between emergency responders, government agencies, business, academia, and non-profit organizations, to enhance individual and community preparedness in New England.


  • Facilitate greater public-private collaboration in New England to:
    • Identify lessons learned and share best practices from stakeholders to address identified gaps and unmet challenges.
    • Provide a resource for research and information dissemination by facilitating engagement between industry and government through both formal and informal meetings, networking opportunities, webinars, and product demonstrations.
  • Assist the private sector with information sharing solutions and communications coordination for disaster planning.
  • Provide regional problem solving capability by:
    • Developing white papers
    • Identifying funding opportunities
    • Performing needs and requirements assessments
    • Conducting workshops, training and exercises
  • Collect and disseminate information and best practices on planning, assessments, prevention, response and recovery, and procedures for whole community infrastructure protection.

Advantages of Establishing a Regional Alliance

  • For State/Local Government and Public Safety:
    • Opportunity for fast, efficient multi-state information sharing across layers/levels of government; access to a safe environment for collaboration with private sector; and facilitation of multi-state issues, grants, projects, and procurements.
  • For Private Sector/Business Owners/ Operators and Sellers/Service Providers:
    • To engage directly with government counterparts–through meeting participation and reception attendance, panel and exercise discussions, and product demonstrations.
    • Access to information and key stakeholders from around the region to identify collaboration opportunities; coordinate with multiple states on key issues; cost-effective and efficient approaches to the ESS market within the six states; maintain continuity of relationships through persistent association with government leaders and other potential partners; participation in collaborative project definition, planning and leadership; enhancement of corporate citizenship; and product/market strategy and planning.
  • For Academia:
    • New opportunities for multi-state research projects; six-state validation of research requests to their federal sponsors; and information sharing with stakeholders.
  • For Non-Profit/Volunteer Groups:
    • Opportunity to provide ideas that support missions that will benefit the region, while participating in strategic planning for the whole community’s preparedness.


No financial support is required of states or public safety/ESS practitioners/entities to participate, only agreement to become actively involved in the Alliance.  In looking toward the future of the NE-CIPA, CTC will seek potential business/industry, government, and other partners, for which recommendations from the partner states will be sought. Future support for the NE-CIPA’s operations and events will come from federal, private sector, and other partners, as well as sponsorships, donations, and registration fees from non-ESS attendees for workshops. 



New England - Community Incident Preparedness Alliance


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